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On Saturday 15 September, relive the TEDx experience at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes!

On Saturday 15 September, relive the TEDx experience at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes!

A unique experience that combines the sharing of innovative ideas with enriching encounters

The 5th edition of TEDxCannes will take place on 15 September at the Palais des Festivals and at the Hôtel Majestic Barrière. At the heart of the day: inspiring short-format speeches of about 10-15 minutes based on the theme “Out of the shell”. Stepping away from yourself, your culture, your comfort zone.

We are ceaselessly encouraged to push our boundaries, as if all riches are to be found outside these. But what if it were enough to retreat into oneself, to concentrate on oneself to rediscover one’s own particular nature and to not lose oneself?

On the theme “Out of the shell”

This year, under the theme “Out of the shell”, a dozen or so exceptional speakers have confirmed their presence. These people, from differing fields and cultures will take to the stage in turns to talk about their research and their ideas, each with the aim of cultivating openness of spirit and inspiring the audience. The ideas expressed may be powerful and change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world in which we live. It is a powerful experience, and one that is sometimes transformative!

An inspiring and unique event!

A true performance lever for you and your business, giving you the strength to reach your objectives and obtain the best from yourself, TEDxCannes is perfect to inspire, unite and reward your teams (management committee, deserving project team, specific division or department... or even via a random draw within the company). More and more companies are buying 5-10-20 seats to use this event as a management tool, in order to empower and reward a certain number of employees, to nurture the CSR dimension and internal communications. Stand out from the competition, attract talent, motivate and create loyalty in your partners, clients and/or prospective customers by inviting them to come and discover and enjoy a tailor-made day, contributing to strengthening interpersonal relationships!

Define your own programme!

TEDxCannes is a personal and collective experience for opening up to new ideas, an opportunity for conversations, unlikely and privileged meetings. Define your programme to suit your desires, from early morning wake-up exercises on the beach to cocktails at the end of the day:


09:00-10:00: wake-up exercises on the beach to bring mind and body into harmony
10:00-13:30: innovations village to decipher the world of tomorrow
12:00-13:00: free lunch with several options available in Cannes
13:30-18:30: two 90-minute speaker sessions with intermission
18:30-20:30: cocktails to meet with speakers and enjoy friendly conversation.



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