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Cannes, ultra-connected destination

The destination of Cannes is equipped with high-quality services in the field of advanced techniques, network engineering and technological solutions, serving events that are ever more connected.

Connected events

Organizers’ needs in a digital environment, registering participants, data management, live broadcasts and socialization turn professional occasions into connected events, thus provide a high drawing power criterion both for the organizers and the participants.

Drawing power criterion

With the GARTNER GROUP and CISCO symposia being held in Cannes, since 1995 and for over 10 years, the destination positioned itself from the outset as a reliable partner for ultra-connected event organizers. The high media exchange requirement level - REED Exhibition with its MIPTV, MIPCOM, the Festival de Cannes – all events requiring a high data transport layer, combined with the potential for IT development offered by the destination, have allowed organizers to innovate thanks to the most recent technologies.

Supported by partners endowed with a forward-looking technological vision, Cannes is spearheading the sector. The company ViaPass, which has been working within the destination for over 15 years, has assisted in this change. By making the Palais des Festivals the first IP-connected building in 1999, it now plans in the short term to equip the entire destination as a conference centre, from the Carlton via the Lérins islands and the Palais. It also plans to exceed the 1 Gb connection to 100 in the coming months and will, amongst other things, allow for satisfying one of the most connected events, the Lions Festival international de la Créativité

In a few words, Jean-Pierre Kaisserlian, chairman of ViaPass, describes the company’s activity for us: a telecom operator, internet access supplier, specialist in the transport layer and integrator of connected technologies. Total techno mastery, team reactivity, perfect knowledge of event timing, a short time in which it must know how to react, 24/7, with a sense of service. A stock of apparatus that is constantly updated for top-of-the range equipment also offering a high level of demand and security. In partnership with Aspera, a very high speed and very high volume file transfer solution in collaboration with IBM.



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