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Hybrid City alliance

The Hybrid City Alliance was launched on 16 December 2020.


We are proud to co-launch the Hybrid City Alliance with the convention bureaux of The Hague, Ottawa and Prague. Hybrid events are an important way forward for the events industry to return to live formats. Multiple hub meetings have been taking place for a number of years already, whether they involve a few cities in one country or several cities around the world, simple meetings with basic technology or more complex audio-visual productions.

How it works

  • We are considering this at the level of the convention bureau, and we see a Hybrid City Alliance as a way to collectively and individually raise the profile of hybrid options for our clients and for our cities.
  • We are a single point of contact for clients looking to organise a hybrid event.
  • We bring together venues with great infrastructure that can support hybrid events and have a quick response rate to provide you with whatever meets your criteria. We can also put you in touch with local partners.
  • We want clients to be able to draw on the collective expertise of the alliance and to give proper advice.
  • By operating at the level of the convention bureau, our aim is for each bureau to handle client requests for hybrid events themselves, in collaboration with their city partners, while using the network to help share hybrid solutions in other cities.
  • The client is not obliged to use all the cities on the list but can make a selection.

How does the Hybrid City Alliance help international event organisers?

  • The multiple city hybrid meeting (multiple hubs) can now be seen as a suitable alternative to online meetings at a time when greater face-to-face participation is desired.
  • It is already known that the hybrid format combines the benefits of both online and face-to-face events.
  • Having multiple hybrid hubs provides an opportunity for regional and international events to take place safely.

The solution

The Hybrid City Alliance provides international event organisers with a solution for organising multiple city hub events. The members of the alliance can act as a single point of contact to streamline and facilitate customer interaction with the different cities involved.

We suggest that you understand the objectives of your event and how to achieve them using a multiple city hub format.

Once you are clear about your needs, including, for example, how the programme will blend online and face-to-face audiences or how the different hubs will interact with each other, the Hybrid City Alliance will help implement your event successfully.


Step 1
Define the cities in which you would like to have a hub for your event.

Step 2
Submit your call for tenders to your preferred Hybrid City Alliance partner. They will act as a coordinator with the selected cities and will compile the offers.

Step 3
Receive your multi-city hub event offer.
You may continue to engage with your preferred Hybrid City Alliance member or directly with the CVB in your selected cities.

For DMOs: what is the Hybrid City Alliance and how does it work?

The Hybrid City Alliance’s unique objective is to provide a solution for international event organisers seeking to plan their international events safely and choosing to do so by using the multiple city hub format.

As a convention bureau, we are a trusted gateway to our cities and our partner networks. The Hybrid City Alliance relies on a network of CVB offices to provide a tangible solution for our clients.

The Hybrid City Alliance’s partners

We are proud to work with other forward-thinking destinations. Together, we will tackle the challenges facing the industry today and in the years to come.

Join us to be part of the solution

The Hybrid City Alliance’s partners are actively seeking out strategic partners to forge a network alliance of cities to facilitate hybrid events for our clients.

  • Hybrid events and meetings are not just temporary solutions, they are here to stay, and to make them easier and more reliable, we have launched the Hybrid City Alliance.
  • Together with forward-thinking destinations, we will tackle the challenges facing the industry today and in the years to come.
  • We are now inviting you to be part of the future of the meetings and events industry.

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