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Senior Sales Manager

France specialist.

Raise your Vibrations with Cannes !

After 7 years spent in Asia, coming back to Cannes is an amazing and unpredictable « luck » : which city could offer that variety of hotels, restaurants, and attractions in such a few kilometres ? Which city can smile at you 365 days with its unic Croisette, its autheticity, its sun and its bright colors ? Which other international city has the « Red Carpet » from the Films Festival ?

Which other city can offer such a social wellbeing at work ?

Cannes is a city always in mouvement which knows how to adapt to new trends.

I love Cannes with its multiple positive vibrations that I call « Home Sweet Home » !


I trully believe in the power of the Universe. The Secret guides me through my everyday life.

« The Greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do »  Walter Bagehot.