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From 5-8 June, Cannes is hosting Midem, the major annual meeting of music industry professionals

Cannes is hosting Midem, the major annual meeting of music industry professionals.

The music industry’s international B2B market

For 4 days, Midem is THE essential appointment for professionals from the world over, who meet up at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes to widen their networks, draw inspiration, develop their know-how, and to discover and sign up the stars of tomorrow! The latest industry trends, the cutting edge of new technologies and the most engaging brands can be discovered in plenary conferences, panels, networking sessions and other innovative events.

Midem in a few figures :

- 4,400 participants
- 1,824 companies
- 85 conferences
- 83 countries
- 35 international flags
- More than 30 speakers

An annual professional meet

Launched in 1967, this is the annual international professional meeting devoted to the new musical ecosystem with an exhibition area, conferences, competitions, meetings and concerts. This is the place where not only artists, labels, publishers and distributors are brought together, but also professionals from new technologies and major brands in order to enrich the intense relationship binding us to music, develop the audience and forge new partnerships. Midem is the perfect platform for music promotion on an international scale. For four days, professionals from the industry can unwrap new trends, discover the latest tools and how to use them during the training workshops. Live performance also plays a major role throughout the trade fair thanks to the Midem Festival.

In four days of meetings and conferences, thousands of contracts are signed between the thousands of companies of varying sizes and the more or less neighbouring sectors. Some companies state that they sign 80% of their year’s contracts during the Midem. Companies that specialize in technology, advertising and video games also send representatives.



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