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39th Régates Royales in Cannes

39th Régates Royales in Cannes.

A unique, majestic gathering

La Croisette will once again vibrate to the rhythm of Régates Royales with a fleet of about sixty Dragons and an armada of classic yachts, many of which barely show their ages at over 100! Exceptional yachts, most of which are centenarians. Driven by the winds of popular and sporting success, this special gathering attracts ever more admiring spectators amassed along the coastline. Classic yachts, traditional sailing ships, metric classes, Dragons and Tofinous will elegantly deploy their finest sails for the city of Cannes. An elegant, magical, and truly exceptional spectacle!

The world's finest traditional yachts in Cannes

Once again this year in early autumn, the Bay of Cannes will be the setting for a gathering that combines style, history, and sporting excellence. An exceptional line up with the most famous yachts from the last century -from the tiny "Arcadia" to the magnificent "Cambria" - all come to do battle. Emotion guaranteed again this year with no less than 150 classic and traditional yachts sportingly tussling for victory on a race area off Îles des Lérins - memories of the golden age of yachting during the roaring twenties. Cannes draws on those glorious years to host fore-and-aft rigs, schooners, sailboats, sloops, yawls, J Class, one-designs dating from the last century, and 12m JI... Several days of regatta off Îles de Lérins with a fleet divided into seven categories depending on size, age, and rigging.

Competition, elegance, and fun

Longer, shorter, sportier courses adapted to the day’s weather conditions allow the entrants to do battle in the best spirit of competition...

Once again this year, elegance will be rewarded with a contest that will take place on Wednesday morning. Yachts will compete on their beauty, the quality of the restoration, their crews, and the personal touches brought by their owners and skippers.

Every evening, there is entertainment, not to mention the anniversaries of boats over 50 years old that will be celebrated during a specially organized evening. New games and surprises so the crews have fun and remember these regattas as one of the highlights of their racing years.



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